Debbie Tenpenny
Debbie Tenpenny has been a key member of the Dealers Inventory Service
team since 1988.  She and her husband, Gary Tenpenny, worked together to
create, develop, and expand Dealers Inventory Service company and many of
the procedures still in use today.  Unfortunately, Gary Tenpenny passed away
unexpectedly in August 2004.  Debbie Tenpenny, the Supervisors, and
dedicated Inventory Teams have continued their work for Dealers Inventory
Service and honor Gary Tenpenny's legacy.  Though Debbie is typically
"behind-the-scenes," she handles the financial and administrative
management, human resources, and leadership for the company.
Dealers Inventory Service
Kevin Lopez
Inventory Manager
Kevin Lopez has been with Dealers Inventory Service in his current position
since November of 2005.  He has also been involved in performing physical
inventories as a writer/counter since 1998 and has been around the inventory
business his entire life.  After graduating from the University of Southern
California (USC) with a B.A. in economics and a minor in history, Kevin worked
for the Bureau of State Audits as a California State Auditor for fifteen months
before joining the Dealers Inventory Service team.
Dealers Inventory Service
Founded in 1985, Dealers Inventory Service has specialized in providing
high-quality, accurate, automotive inventories for over 20 years.  Originally
founded by Gary Tenpenny, the company has grown from just a few dealerships
each year to the current volume of more than 120 dealerships a year.  We
perform most of our inventories in Ventura County, Los Angeles County,
Orange County, and the Inland Empire; however, we also perform a handful of
inventories in Santa Barbara, Temecula, San Diego, and Las Vegas.

Currently, Dealers Inventory Service consists of three full-time and
approximately 300 part-time associates, with at least half working on a
regular basis.  Many of our part-time employees have worked with us for 10
years or more and have additional years of parts and/or inventory experience.  
Because our associates are part-time employees of Dealers Inventory Service,
our company pays all payroll taxes, Workman's Compensation and General
Liability Insurance, as required by the state of California.
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